Zimbabwe : The United States of Africa ? Mugabe Attempts to Revive Gaddafi’s Dream

There are few amongst the masses that yearn to build another USA, the United States of Africa, under a single president.

Once the dream of Muammar Gaddafi, a quixotic project that appeared to have died with the Libyan leader, but has now been rekindled by the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe.  Mugabe has a complicated history with western media, often portraying him to be a senile, money-hungry leader fixated on control.

If it wasn’t for the geopolitical value of Zimbabwe, nobody would care what Mugabe says or does, but Zimbabwe has shown to have a strong influence on Southern Africa.  The fight against Western oppression in South Africa and Namibia has roots in Zimbabwe.

This is why the West does not like Mugabe.  He represents change and an awareness for Blacks to the fact that our lives have been made unjust; and unfair by Caucasians.  His legacy is an awakening and constant reminder that we as Black people need to be cognizant of the past.  Sounds familiar ? Read More

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