DRC : « LUMUMBA » by Raoul Peck (Video FR Str EN)

Lumumba Film


The plot is based on the final months of Patrice Lumumba (played by Eriq Ebouaney) the first Prime Minister of the Congo, whose tenure in office lasted two months until he was driven from office. Joseph Kasa-Vubu (Maka Kotto) is sworn in alongside Lumumba as the first president of the country, and together they attempt to prevent the Congo succumbing to secession and anarchy. The film concludes with Joseph Mobutu (Alex Descas) seizing power.


Le film est consacré au premier Premier ministre de la République démocratique du Congo, Patrice Lumumba. Le film détaille son ascension politique, ses relations avec Mobutu et son élimination brutale en janvier 1961.

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Dossier Patrice LUMUMBA
Commémoration du 17 janvier 1961
55ème anniversaire